Currently, I work as a post-doctoral research associate in the Philosophy Department at Purdue University. 

I specialize in philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science and philosophical psychology. In my research, I combine methods in analytic philosophy and empirically informed philosophy to investigate how our cognitive and affective processes are shaped by our bodies and the environment in which we live. 

Through this methodology I have worked on several research topics, which include mental representations, the relationship between perception and action, language, emotion-regulation, and memory. 

My current research interests include:

  • forgetting: how it works, what it does in our cognitive, affective, social and moral lives;

  • absences in memory and perception;

  • the role of expressive properties of objects in emotion-regulation;

  • the situatedness of norms.

Before joining Purdue, I held research fellowships at the Ruhr University Bochum and I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bologna. I did my PhD at the University of Bologna with a research stay the University of Memphis and studied philosophy at the State University of Milan and the Paris-Sorbonne University.​

Normally I use the pronouns she/her but they/them are also OK.