Research interests


  • Remembering, forgetting and their effects on psychological wellbeing: what we do in everyday practices to remember and/or forget our personal past and how these memory processes contribute to our own psychological wellbeing.


  • The relationship between memory, imagination and perception: the intertwinement of these cognitive processes and the philosophical implications of this continuist view.


  • Enactive-ecological psychology: how human agents make sense of their environment through the active and affectively driven relationship with everyday objects; the affective components of affordance perception.


  • Representational and non-representational approaches to cognitive science: the format of mental representations in lower-level cognitive processes (perception and action) and higher-level cognitive processes (memory, imagination, counterfactual thinking) and their epistemic status in embodied cognitive science. 


  • Enactive approach to cognition and emotion: the varieties of enactivism and how they account for our cognitive and affective relationship with the world and other human beings. 


  • 4Es Cognition: how our bodies and the physical and socio-cultural environment shape cognitive processes; classical pragmatism as a philosophical antecedent of 4Es Cognition.